Top 10 Best Free Sitemap Generators For Websites in 2022

In simple words, the Sitemap Generator is the generator of streamline. Now, what is Sitemap? To get this, we will explain the Best Free Sitemap Generators in detail. There are three main types of sitemap. Each can use for different purposes.

Best Free Sitemap Generators

Three Main Types Of Sitemaps:

Following are the three main & most understandable types of sitemaps:

Visual Sitemap:

HTML Sitemap is the organisation of web design that is used to communicate about it. This sitemap is utilised by most of the website agencies who mostly used it on a web project. It is also used to define the scope of a web project.

HTML Sitemap:

HTML Sitemap is not used often these days. .The visitors use this site map to understand where all the pages are on a website. This sitemap is more popular in a website with a huge amount of data.HTML Sitemap don’t have any big impact on SEO rather on XML Sitemap in place

XML Sitemap:

XML Sitemap is the most important part of sitemap. This sitemap consists of a list of URLs that determine where the exact page is. They are called sitemap.xml. Most of the sites create this automatically. They are simply most used by web developers.

Every web developer provides at least one to the search engine to analyse. Sitemap Generators is a list that contains a form of a list that has every URL found on a website. These sitemaps make a website easier for the developer and the visitor. Different sitemaps are used for different purposes—creating a new project, the old one and the most bulkier website. 

The sitemap can be generated in two ways. One can be done manually and the other is direct software. The manual site mapping can generate a small set of websites but can not bulkier. The software of the site map makes everything easier. It can do everything automatically. The visual sitemap HTML and Ml is done simply with it.

There are numerous software generators used to develop the site. We have added the best in this article to assist you out to get the best of it. Making it much easier, we have defined each site map’s features and specifications, which will assist in controlling a bulkier website. Read every passage and make your best choice in it. 

1. Inspyder Sitemap Creator:

Inspyder Sitemap Creator is the easiest sitemap to use and controls the bulkier website on it. This sitemap is the most powerful sitemap that can handle any type of website without any trouble. The best thing about Inspyder Sitemap Creator is the easiness of this software. 

Inspyder Sitemap Creator automatically creates the Google Sitemap. It uploads it to your server and simply sends the email notification to each of them. Sitemap Creator can automatically create your Google sitemap and crawl your site and provide you with a completely accurate sitemap for google.

Inspyder Sitemap Creator comprises intelligent support for Google Image Sitemaps. This is the only sitemap that has Intelligent support for Google Image Sitemap. It can automatically extract the title and caption info from your website’s existing metadata and include it in your image sitemap. Inspyder Sitemap Creator also applicable for video, and sitemap are also supported. 

The price of Inspyder Sitemap is only for once. They also provide the trail, which consists of 25 pages Unlimited Sitemap Size, Valid XML for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client Automatically Ping Search Engines Video Sitemaps Mobile Sitemaps and Image Sitemaps The full version $39.95 provides you with the full features of the trail with unlimited sitemap size, Unlimited Project Configurations Scheduled Sitemap Generation Email Notification and Priority Technical Support. 

Inspyder Sitemap Creator is the best sitemap generator with many features and qualities. It will ease you in many ways. The prices are very low, and you don’t have to pay for it all the time just for once. After buying it, you will be very happy with it as a web developer. 

2. DYNO Mapper:

Dyno Mapper is one of the best sitemaps in organising the best website projects using all three sitemaps. These include a visual sitemap, Content inventory, Content Audit Content Planning, Daily Keyword training and website accessibility track. 

Dyno Mapper is the best application for displaying the making of the architecture of a website. The interactive visual sitemaps do this. You can create interactive Visual sitemaps with one click of the mouse using Dyno mapper. Establishing the design of a website makes it easier while using it as a web developer. 

Dyno Mapper consists of an Inventory. This Inventory can lead your website for all pages, images, documents, videos, audio, and files. The DYno mapper also comprises Content Audit, which is used to optimise your assets and plan content tasks using the content calendar.

Dyno mapper can Display Google Analytics metrics in each sitemap. This Google analytics can filter every site page in a visual sitemap. The filtered sitemap can be shifted to CSV and PDF.

Dyno Mapper is very crucial in making the right keywords. It imports the keywords to rank it on google, yahoo bing and many top search engines. 

The Scanning system of Dyno Mapper is very important. It can scan the entire website for WCAG / Section 508 compliance. Dyno mapper helps in identifying the errors that make trouble in a website. It also contents for ADA Website.

Rebecca Gill, the Vice President of Digital Marketing Services, emagine said that “Dynomapper is my go-to SEO tool for crawling websites and performing accessibility testing. I could not live without this software, as it is a vital resource in helping me better manage SEO projects and website migrations. I use Dynomapper during the sales process, within website migrations themselves, and in post-go-live technical audits. It has been an invaluable software package for me and one that I encourage my clients and SEO students to utilise.”

3. PowerMapper:

Powermapper is one of the most sophisticated and highly rated sitemap generators. This is a one-click website tester and generator. PowerMapper comprises features that enable to check any website for broken links, spelling errors, browser compatibility, accessibility, web standards validation and search engine issues.

PowerMapper is software that can control all the Problems like broken links, spelling errors and usability problems that drive visitors away from your site. 

There are different proportions like Manual testing effort is proportional to the number of pages, so costs quickly add up, even on small sites:

  • 30 minutes to test each page manually
  • Total Effort: 500 hours to fully test a 1,000-page site
  • Total Cost: $25,000 at $50 per hour

Powermapper creator is the best sitemap generator with many features and qualities. It will ease you in many ways. The prices are very low, and you don’t have to pay for it all the time just for once. After buying it, you will be very happy with it as a web developer. 

4. XML-Sitemaps.Com:

XML-sitemaps is the best sitemap generator for beginners. It is most recommended for beginners because of the ease of its usage. XML-sitemaps is very easy to use. The application features are just one click process to proceed. You just need to copy-paste your URLs to proceed and create a sitemap.

There are three offers in XML-Sitemaps. Online generator, Pro Sitemap, and PHP script. These three options are capable of completing and generating every URL you want to generate. The first one is free, and the other two are paid. Each one is very simple to use. 

Online Generator is Free and simple to use. You can create small website pages up to 500 pages swiftly with an online generator. In this option, you will not require any registration and can be ready immediately. You can get XML Sitemap and receive it via email and directly put it on your website. You are on the online generator home page right now. Just enter your website URL using the form above and click “START” to proceed!

Pro Sitemaps are Powerful and very easy to use. A free account allows you the following features

  • submit a sitemap directly from our servers
  • update sitemap without reuploading it to your website
  • easily manage multiple websites

When you upload it, it provides

  • index up to 1,500,000 pages
  • automatically update sitemap
  • create Images, Videos, News sitemaps, and RSS feed
  • detect and list broken links on your site

The PHP version is the Installable version. We offer a server-side script written in PHP language that you can install on your server and create a sitemap for your website.

There is no limit to the pages in this option, although server resources required to create a sitemap depend on the website size.

5. Screaming Frog XML Sitemap Generator:

Screaming Frog XML Sitemap Generator is the most usable sitemap generator. This sitemap is very easy to use. Nothing is better than screaming Frog XML Sitemap generator makes everything easier to use. A sitemap can generate URLs and much other stuff that will develop your website. 

Screaming Frog XML Sitemap Generator comprises the SEO Spider tool Screaming Frog. SEO Spider is a website crawler that helps you improve onsite SEO. You can add 500 URLs for free. The SEO Spider crawler is very powerful and usable, able to crawl both bulkier and small websites more efficiently. You can find and analyse the result every time. It helps you make decisions in no time. 

You can find broken links with Screaming Frog XML Sitemap Generator. It can be found by crawling the website and finding broken links 404. You can analyse the page title and meta description while crawling.  It can quickly generate a sitemap and make advance configure it. 

Screaming Frog XML Sitemap Generator makes it perfect for making it easier. It can be used to create unlimited URLs and pages. You can buy its premium and which allow you to use its premium features. 

6. Slick Plan:

Silk Plan is the right way of doing work. It makes everything with your fingerprint. It is very easy to use. Slick Plan makes website planning a breeze. This app is capable of furnishing the way of developing a website for which you are the best. With Slick Plan, you can create awesome websites for yourself, your business, or your clients.

It is a feature-rich sitemap builder that encourages the architecture of a website. . Slick Plan can Easily define your folder, page, and linking structures with our drag and drop interface. Its highly recommended crawler is used to create a sitemap on existing websites. The cunning plan can effortlessly collaborate and share with your team members and clients.

Kietra Nelson, a classic INk Creator, said, “Our team has used Slickplan since the get-go. It has simplified many aspects of our workflow, from collaboration to seamless integration with other tools we use. Slickplan has allowed us to work faster & smarter. We’re hooked!”

The cunning plan provides you with the following features. 

  • Project Collaboration and Messaging
  • Content Progress and Approval Systems
  • User Permission Settings
  • Centralised Locations and Professional Sharing
  • CMS and Multiple Document Format Export Functionality
  • Color, Logo, and Theme Customization

Slick Plan is very likeable by web developers. Its flexible usage makes it better for any kind of website. You will be highly satisfied with it. 

7. Sitemap Writer Pro:

Sitemap Writer Pro is a very sophisticated and very easy-to-use program. This sitemap is very fast and efficient, which delivers a high-performance rate in any load of a website. Sitemap writer offers every basic feature required to generate the sitemap. The required feature is enough to make every website workable. 

 Sitemap Writer Pro is the only one sitemap generator that offers seven types of sitemaps Standard Sitemap, Google Image, Google News, Google Video, Google Images, Google Code Search, Google Geo, Google Mobile. These seven types of sitemap are to index your website properly. 

Sitemap Writer Pro generates an XML sitemap and uploads it to all search engines supporting XML sitemaps Google, Yahoo,, Bing and Sitemap Writer Pro is the best tool to identify the website. The web developer can use this tool without any trouble facing it.

Following are the features of using Sitemap Writer Pro.

  • Creation of sitemaps with millions of URLs
  • The fastest sitemap crawler in the net
  • Seven types of sitemaps
  • Automatic creation of index sitemap file
  • Up to 40 Integrated Multi Thread Crawlers
  • Unique settings for every website project
  • Ready-to-use settings for popular CMS
  • User-friendly interface and

8. WriteMaps:

WriteMaps is very much like Sitemap writer pro. It is one of the best visual sitemap builders. You can create a sitemap within seconds. Writemaps builder means you can jump from useless ideas to create sitemap plans with just a few clicks. 

Writemaps can Create a sitemap fill with content. You can also fill it with clients and copywriters. Clarrisa A, an online marketing manager, Paymill, said, “Writemaps Allowed us to share content ideas and structure for our new website. It was a sitemap tool with the best UX we found. We recommend it.”

You can create a sitemap with a dedicator sitemap builder. This is how you can create it. 

  • Add new pages
  • Rename page
  • Change page colour
  • Reorder pages
  • Undo & redo

You can add a section via Writemaps Builder. This is the way to do it. 

  • Add pages
  • Change colours
  • Re-order sections & pages
  • Rename sections & pages
  • Delete a section

There are diverse ways to develop your website with Writemap. You can use it with great developing skills. The builder will be greatly admirable by the user. It will develop your website very much. 

9. Sitemap X:

SiteMap X software is a highly recommended sitemap generator. This sitemap allows you to automatically generate an introductory sitemap for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. It is best for finding out the dead links. Sitemap X is one of the best. It’s completely free. Sitemap X can be installed within one minute. It does not require any hard work to understand this. 

Sitemap X can generate up to 4 different types of sitemaps. These include XML, GZ TXT or HTML. This sitemap can generate Rebots.txt automatically. It can help Search Engine crawlers find out what pages are present, which have recently changed. Sitemap X can also crawl your site accordingly. You can enjoy its high speed and pleasant way of working without any causing to the site. 

Sitemap X is the best to find out the dead links. It opens those Dead links which cause negative aspects on a website. This phenomenon can increase the swiftness and coverage in search engines. Thus your site can win crawlers’ preference and reach high rankings.

Sitemap X makes it perfect for making it easier. It can use to create unlimited URLs and pages. This sitemap is completely free. You don’t have to give any kind of revenue to use its top features. The fast and reliable way to generate a sitemap can only be done with Sitemap X.

10. My Sitemap Generator:

My Sitemap Generator is the best among very well Generators. This sitemap generator is very simple in creating a sitemap for any kind of website. The bulkier website works best on it. My sitemap generator is very friendly with any kind of site. 

There are three kinds of plants in it. The 1st one is a public pro, 2nd one is Static Pro and dynamic. Each one is very sophisticated and highly recommended. It is according to the requirement of your website. The most recommended one is the static pro which is cheap in rate and very balanced in working.

Conclusive Comments:

Sitemap generators are essential for a website. It can make every possible way to develop your website. To rank, the pages and URLs sitemap will work in full force.  There are various features and specifications in every sitemap generator.

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We have defined every best sitemap generator out there. There will be no harm in using any of them. Choose according to your requirement. There are paid sitemap generators that have more features. If you have a bulkier and old website, then you have to have the best one. Choose any one of them, and you will be satisfied. 

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