Top 10 Successful Bloggers From Pakistan [Inspiring Stories]

Starting blogging is easy in some way. If you think you have enough minimum money to make a blog website, then you are good to go. Mainly blogging consists of writings and different content. Your writing must be engaging and precise to engage people towards it. It may be difficult at the start, but once you reach a certain level, there will be no hurdles in that.

Top Bloggers in Pakistan

What is Blogging?

To define blogging in simple, writing in your journal is blogging. In the past, even now, many people have their diary or journal to write in it about their life. Doing photography is blogging, including all the things that you do include all media stuff, and self-publishing it on the worldwide net or online. If you are doing it, then you’re a blogger. 

Thousands of bloggers define their modern world’s abilities to get money. It depends on your ideas on how you developed and implemented it. It will require your complete attention and time. You can start it as a newcomer hobby as most students and people do. And became a full time after gaining much trust and money. 

Everyone now and then is practicing earning online in different ways. Indeed your ideas and hard work do the rest for you. Becoming a blogger is easy, but you have to go through some courses and experience to get some wisdom about the blogging idea you want to implement. There are thousands of free times to guide you and assist you in your work. After you get and finish the course, you will start it as a beginner and do you. You cannot give your full time to it because it will be much difficult for you to comprehend the time if you are a student. As a guide, I will suggest to do it in your hobby and implement your ideas and content in a steady way, not in an instant manner. 

The problem for beginner bloggers is they want all stuff to go in an instant, which means saying that they want instant money just after working a month. Blogging is a slow process, but there will be no one stopping you from earning dollars once you get in there. Blogging is like the more you wait, the higher you will get the money. All are simple universal rules for blogging, and you have to follow them to become a successful blogger.

How It Works?

To give you inspiration and motivation, we have gathered the world’s top bloggers who earn billions of dollars just by blogging. But the thing to remember first is that they didn’t make that whole bunch of money in a day or a month, even in a year. There is much hard work behind it. They go through many problems, and they face those problems to become rich or the crazy rich per se. You have to survive it. The surveillance is in your hands. If you give up in the middle of the task, you can do nothing. Not that blogging will not be easy to do anything in life.

All those people are very beneficial once you read their story. You can only learn from them and then start your practice. If you have the determination and courage to do your work, I am damn sure you will do better than them. Hard Work does everything. If you can go through your difficulties, then going on the road to success is nothing. It will be just a piece of cake. You will be doing better than the rest of the bloggers. 

There is an obvious question that roams around whenever someone wants to start blogging because they don’t have enough money to create it. Blogging may have been difficult at the start, but there will be no stopping you once you get going. Here we will provide you some ideas, ways, and pathways by which you can start blogging with a minimum amount of money in Pakistan. 

Doing Blogging, as we said, will be difficult. The difficulties mainly occur to maintain enough time for it. Money may create problems. Little experience may create problems if you don’t know about blogging. You will go through some tough times during the start. But don’t worry about anything because you will learn from your mistakes, and one day it will make you a master of your blogging website. 

Starting Blogging With Minimum Money:

Always start blogging from the bottom. Buying some blog website that is already built and you are a new comer to it is just a waste of time. You will learn very little from it. When you start a blog, website, from the first step of thinking of a name for it, you will get many learnings. 

When you think if you have enough money to make a simple blog website, you will be able to make it with the minimum amount of money. It involves various steps to create a blog website. Read every step carefully and try to concern yourself with it. 

Name of a Blog Site (Domain Name):

Domain Name: The name we simply call the web address. It can be anything but must be available at the moment if anyone else has it then you have to buy it from them. If you don’t have enough money, you have to think of an entirely available name.

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap

Purchasing a domain name is to visit a domain website where you can buy it. The steps are as follows.

  • Visit a domain name website.
  • Think of a name that is easily accessible and are available 
  • Apply for the domain name
  • Select the generic of the domain name like .com .net .org etc
  • Pay for the dues
  • The domain name will be yours.

After buying a domain name now, you have your domain address. It will cost very little. Always choose a domain name that is precise and easy to pronounce.

Website Hosting:  Like buying a service from a host, likewise in making a website, you have to purchase web service from a hosting. Which is provided by different hosts. In this way, you will make and start a blog website.

The service a hosting provides is to maintain and store your website data. Hosting keeps it secure from bugs, viruses, and even hackers. It provides security to your website. So it is essential to hosting a website as you will be a starter, so there will be no worries about that. The following steps are. 

  • Visit a website that provides hosting like hosting, Bluehost, etc.
  • There will develop different hosting plans. Choose whatever you are suitable to buy. 
  • Buy the hosting
  • Register your domain name
  • Once you built your hosting, it will take a while to start your website. 

That’s how you can buy your hosting. After that, connect it to WordPress, and that’s how you can start your blog website. 

If you have the determination and courage to do your work, I am damn sure you will get success very early. Hard Work does everything. If you can go through your difficulties, then going on the road to success is nothing. It will be just a piece of cake. You will be doing better and better just making it. 

How To Start Blogging In Pakistan?

Nowadays, every entity is after blogging, especially after COVID-19 lock downs. The course of blogging is to wrap up the workload and do easy work. Blogging becomes a sensation after the internet becomes held in every home. People got the attention to blogging because of the ease of doing it. Earning money while sitting in the house, nothing gets better than that. 

Blogging became a sensation in Pakistan when expertise brought it to Pakistan’s youth. Different companies and even Pakistan’s government make freelancing at the top by giving them free courses. Like Digi skills, which is entirely free and from the Pakistan government, you can educate yourself on different blogging and freelancing experiences. The fascinating attribute is that the people of Pakistan, especially youth, are sincerely interested in it. Almost every person in youth has tried freelancing and blogging. Many of them god succeeded, and now they are ensuring it for their living. Blogging and freelancing is the best way to make money quickly without any short work. 

People were sitting in their homes while doing nothing. Wise people started different courses regarding blogging. Now they have their websites and other plate forms showing their talent to increase their revenue. It doesn’t matter if you are a student. You can do as much work as you can do. Still, you will create at least enough pocket money. 

But if I express you, some people made millions of Rupees just by assembling in their homes working on a PC or Laptop. They carry nothing. They don’t get up in the morning and dress themself to move to office work. Similarly, They squat in a home on a comfortable chair working on a laptop does not depend on which cloth you are wearing now is the weather?. Shocked huh?. But believe me, it does. We call it blogging and freelancing. You can be one of the highest-paid bloggers.

Online earning or freelancing has become every person’s fantasy who perceives how to manage it. Especially the youth of every country is doing it as a specialty and become a part of it in the future when they obtain adequate money to fulfill their commodities. Everyone can lead it. First, you have to drive an utterly workable idea. Internet a laptop or pc and a source where you can publish it. There are hundreds of ways to earn money online. Following are the plate forms to become a part of blogging or online earner. Some of the top platforms are given below.

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • Web Developing
  • Freelancing

These are the ways and platforms to earn your money. It can be by your talent or hard work; it depends on you.  This is a life-altering opportunity. You have to be a sincere and hard worker for it; otherwise, it is just a waste of time. You will get every answer to your question after reading this passage. You will know certain things about blogging. The world’s top and highest paid bloggers apply these tactics and ideas daily to gain much attention and profit.

Top Bloggers List Of Pakistan:

Pakistan is emerging in E-commerce and is getting Bloggers day by day. Some inspirational people make the odds even and develop themselves in blogging. Pakistan has some fantastic talent in this field. Pakistan ranks 4th in the world in freelancing. The Top bloggers are the inspiration to those who believe in themselves. We will tell you about these top 10 Pakistan bloggers who made themselves best. These are: 

1. Syed Moiz Balkhi:

Syed Moiz Balkhi is a Pakistani born who is also an American entrepreneur famous for his amazing blogs. He is the blog master of WPBeginner. The content and making of WPBeginner today is the face of the hard work and determination of Syed Moiz Balkhi. Syed Moiz Balkhi is also the founder of the Optin monster. He is also known as the master of WordPress. He hauls out a lot of work in WordPress. His famous WP resources are Monsterinsights and WP forms with many other resources.  

Syed achieved the popular Yoast Google analytics plugin. That plugin achieved many successes and was downloaded by more than 21 million users. Syed has been named in many famous online portals like Huffington Mashable, Yahoo, and many others. His hard work makes him a successful man. He is proud of Pakistan. 

2. Amir Atta:

Amir Atta is the most famous Pakistan blogger. Every person who knows blogging knows Amir Atta. This is all because of his renowned blogging website ProPakistani, the heart of the Pakistani blogging community. As Pro Pakistani’s owner, it achieved many achievements over the years. The content of blogs and every pro-Pakistani field is made with hard work. Propakistan is considered one of the top sites in Pakistan. 

ProPakistan was first made for technologies and tech content, but they included many more fields in it. Now, pro-Pakistani is a site of entertainment sports business and life-altering topics. Amr Atta and his friends created this website, and now they made this website one of the best websites that have ever been produced in Pakistan. He is the most favorite guy in Pakistan blogging. 

3. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai:

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai is a fantastic blogger who started his blogging career in 2008. Like everyone else, he started blogging as a part-timer, but later on, he made it full time. Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai is a pure blogger with mesmerizing skills in it. 

He currently owns three blogging websites. Five employees are working for them at a time. These three blogging websites are,,, and All these three websites are very engaging among their visitors. The most famous website is 

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is very determined in his work. He gives motivational lectures to the new beginner to blogging now and then. He makes himself one of the top bloggers in Pakistan.

4. Inam Ul Hassan:

Inam Ul Hassan started his Blogging career in 2015, Initially Beginning with the Jobs & Scholarship Websites. He then moved towards Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Similarly, along with Blogging, He is also concerned about Freelancing & Virtual Assistant. One of his Jobs & Careers website is considered as the Top 10 Jobs Website in Pakistan. is his established website which is a worthwhile Blogging Platform that assists individuals to Make Passive Income Online. Furthermore, Extent awareness about Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting Reviews, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress Et Cetera. He is working vigorously to straighten up the Blogging in Pakistan. With his significant expertise in the field of Blogging, SEO & Freelancing, He has been named the All-Rounder of Blogging & Freelancing. 

He is an expert Web Developer with some perplexing experience in Blogging and Search Engine Optimization as well. In this Adolescence, He achieved a lot and is determined to change every aspect of Blogging in Pakistan. 

5. Shahzaib Ul Hassan:

Shahzaib Ul Hassan is an SEO master with fantastic search engine optimization SEO experience. He started his blogging career in 2009, and from the very first day, he realizes that this is what I made for. 

Shahzaib Ul Hassan also works as a freelance solution. He gives new and precise ideas to the new generation on developing themselves as a freelancer. Shahzaib performed many projects like a shot, PakistanRanking, and, Training. This is all the basics of teaching the upcoming generation the online earning and money-making solutions. 

Shahzaib Ul Hassan is among the best bloggers in Pakistan.

6. Abdul Wali:

Abdul Wali is among the very best who lives across the border. He is the owner of a top blogging website, which is Abdul Wali is not only the blogger of Pakistan. He is an international blogger who lives in the UK. His website serves the community, particularly on tutorials and academic blogs. He published thousands of blogs and videos. 

As a Pakistani, Abdul wali made special tutorials for Pakistan students. Not only for their academic reason but also for making online money. Millions of people use the Predominantly from India and Pakistan because of most of Urdu and Hindi’s content area.

7. Faizan Ali Khan:

Faizan Khan started his Blogging Career as an interest but when he attained out he could make money, He commenced some Amazon Affiliate Projects for generating money. The conclusion is, He is now considered the Top Amazon Affiliate Marketer in Pakistan. He has extensive experience in Blogging.

He’s one of the Search Engine Optimization Expert. He is aware of the tricks of getting people to the blog by using the Long-Tail Keywords & Keyword Golden Ratio Technique, which has enabled him to get traffic from multiple search engines. Faizan has multiple running blogs for different Micro & Macro Niches. He writes Reviews & Buying Guide of different products appearing on Amazon.

8. Umer Idrisi:

Many top bloggers admire Umer Idrisi over the years. He was the first Pakistani blogger to tweet. Google John Mueller replaced him. As the best blogger in Pakistan, he achieved many achievements at the top level. 

Umer Idrisi has created some fantastic blogging websites with stunning content. He is the owner of Umer Idrisi is among the most famous bloggers in Pakistan. He has been featured in many favorite blogs as an inspirational blogger. 

9. Ali Raza:

Ali Raza is among those Pakistani bloggers. Whoever named them will be must at the top. He is also a search engine optimizer SEO. He believes in his work and made some gorgeous achievements. Ali Raza is not only an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), he is also the master of online business. 

Ali Raza is a fantastic entrepreneur who is officially approved and certified by Microsoft and Google. He made himself into many top online companies and worked his best to become the best. His official blog website is aliraza. Co.

10. Ahmed Awais:

Ahmad Awais is a top Pakistani blogger with some perplexing experience in blogging and web development. He is the official owner of Ahmad Awais is also very determined and believes in his work with so many bloggers. is mainly based on the solution of WordPress. This website is used by millions of people and try to learn WordPress. Not only website Ahmad Awais worked with some big companies like Warid telecom and many other online-based companies.  Ahmed Awais is among the top Pakistani bloggers. 

Conclusive Comments:

Blogging may be easy for someone, but if you see those people’s lives, you will realize how they develop themself into the world as a blogger. When ordinary people talk about blogging, they consider it as an everyday thing that people do. Blogging is a million-dollar way to earn money. We have enlisted the top 10 bloggers in Pakistan, each one of whom is a hard worker. You can be one of them once you start it and do your hard work.

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Thousands of bloggers define their modern world’s abilities to get money. It depends on your ideas on how you developed and implemented it. It will require your complete attention and time. You can start it as a newcomer hobby as most students and people do. And became a full time after gaining much trust and money. 

All those people are very beneficial once you read their story. You can only learn from them and then start your practice. If you have the determination and courage to do your work, I am damn sure you will do better than them. Hard Work does everything. If you can go through your difficulties, then going on the road to success is nothing. It will be just a piece of cake. You will be doing better than the rest of the bloggers.

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